Summer Roll (2) 4.99

Fresh soft rice skin wrapped in shrimp, minced chicken, noodles and vegetable served with clear peanut sauce.

*Fish Cake (5) 5.99

Mixture of ground fish, string beans, curry paste served with our cucumber salad and crushed peanuts.

Angel Wings 5.99

Deep fried marinated chicken wings served with our sweet chili sauce.

Mee Grob 5.99

Crispy rice noodles with shrimp, bean sprouts, scallions topped with our sweet and sour sauce.

Spring Roll (6) 6.99

Deep fried roll filled with pork, carrots, onion and bean thread noodles served with our sweet & sour sauce.

Shrimp in the blanket (5) 6.99

Whole shrimp, ground pork wrapped around with crispy spring roll skin served with our sweet & Sour sauce.

Satay (Chicken or Beef) (6) 6.99

Grilled marinated (with your choice of) meat on a skewer served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

Pot Stickers (Pork, Chicken or Vegetables) 5.95

Ground Pork, Ground Chicken or Vegetables with soy sauce wrapped in a flour wrapper. Served with dumpling sauce.

*Steamed Mussels 7.99

Steamed fresh mussel with lemon grass, basil served with our hot chili sauce.

Shrimp Cake 8.99

Mixture of ground shrimp, soy sauce, egg, pepper, served with our plum sauce.

Crispy Calamari 8.99

Deep fried squid served with tempura batter fried broccoli, bell pepper, carrot and onion.

*Crispy Mussels 9.99

Fried mussels topped with spicy sauce.

Sawasdee Sampler 12.99

A flavorful combination of chicken satay (2), spring roll (2), tod mun goong (2), summer roll (2) and vegetable roll (3).