Salads and Soups


House Salad 3.99

Lettuce, bean sprouts, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots topped with our peanut sauce dressing.

*Somtum 6.99

Shredded green papaya with tomatoes, green beans, fresh chili, lime juice, garlic and crushed peanuts.

*Spicy Beef Salad 6.99

Grilled sliced beef mixed in lemon grass, onion, scallion, lime leaf in chili, lime juice, cucumber and tomatoes.

*Spicy Shrimp or Squid Salad 7.99

Shrimp or Squid salad flavored with lemon grass, onion, scallion, cucumber and tomatoes, lime leaf in chili paste sauce.

*Larb 9.99

Choice of spicy minced chicken, beef or pork salad with scallion, onion, cilantro, galangal, roasted rice powder in spicy lime dressing served with sticky rice.

*Seafood Salad 9.99

Shrimp, squid, ground chicken, bean thread noodles with onion, tomato, scallion, fresh chili and cashew nuts topped with our spicy lime dressing.

*Thai Grilled Salad 9.99

(Grilled Chicken or Grilled Pork or Grilled Beef)

Marinated sliced (your choice of) meat with scallion, onion, cilantro, tomato, cucumber, roasted rice powder topped with our spicy lime dressing served with sticky rice.


*Tom Ka Kai (Pint) 3.99 (Quart) 7.99

Sliced chicken in coconut milk with a taste of galangal, mushrooms & lemon juice.

Clear Soup (Pint) 3.99 (Quart) 7.99

Tofu with ground chicken, napa cabbage, pea pods, carrots and scallion in clear broth.

Rice Soup (Pint) 3.99 (Quart) 7.99

Steamed-rice in chicken broth with ground chicken, ginger and scallion.

*Tom Yum

Hot and sour soup with mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, lemon grass, lime leaves and lemon juice.

Your Choice of Meat for Tum Yum:

Chicken (Pint) 3.99 (Quart) 7.99

Shrimp (Pint) 4.99 (Quart) 9.99

Seafood (Pint) 5.99 (Quart) 11.99